Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

WOW! My first time trying Pho (! I thought for the longest time it was pronounced "fo" until my friend told me it was "feh"...

Never got around to trying it but today was a special day, I don't know why, but when my friend suggested Pho, I eagerly said yes because I've been itching to try it forever!

Since we were in Downtown, we decided to try Joyeaux. Their menu offers a vast variety of items, from breakfast stuff like eggs, all the way to fried rice! (I thought it was interesting how they just called their fried rice "Fried Rice"). My friend suggested the Beef and Beef Ball Noodle Soup (#2 on their menu), I gladly went along :), I love beef. After ordering from the counter, the food was delivered to our table in less than 10 minutes, great for a quick lunch!
Well, here it is, my first time trying Pho! My favourite parts of the item were the beef balls and the soup. Next time I might just get the one with only Beef Balls! The other beef stuff, some were good, some I didn't like the texture because it was a little too tough for me. I found that the beef had a nice beef taste still and was not overrun by the soup. The noodles had a good texture and weren't too soft or hard. I loved drinking the soup with the spoon because it was so good lol, tasted like MSG soup, yummy :)

Opened my eyes to the world of Pho, I liked this place because it seemed cleaner than other Pho restaurants, will definitely try Pho again in the future!

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  1. Nicely blogged! Wow.. Joyuex is actually my favourite restaurant so far, for Vietnamese food. It is delicious.. if you ever go there again, try their lemon grass fried fish/chicken. :-]