Sunday, June 10, 2012

Phnom Penh

Finally got a chance to try this #1 ranked restaurant on Urbanspoon Vancouver! I have heard a lot about their famous deep-fried chicken wings. Went with a group of people from work and they were big eaters as well (perfect!). We decided to share the Deep Fried Chicken Wings.
I definitely had high expectations because of all the positive reviews. I was not disappointed :). Deep fried perfectly. Dish came out of kitchen right when it was finished because it was still very hot. Very very crispy! Salty, carries a little sweet taste which was interesting and addicting... Only thing is, wish that they used wings for all the pieces because I always prefer wings :D

Next, we also got our own thing to eat ourselves. I decided to play it safe and go for the BBQ Lemongrass Pork Chop on Rice.
Complimentary Soup with the Rice

The pork chops were tasty, really love that BBQ taste, but it was a little too overburnt for me. Not very healthy. I also would have liked if the pork chop themselves were a little softer. But I easily finished the whole plate so the taste was good. The soup was interesting because there was a pork bone inside. The soup tasted generic, I scraped off the little meat on the pork bone and did not really like it because I would have preferred tougher meat.

Will definitely return with people who like chicken wings. Very busy restaurant, go early!

Phnom Penh ้‡‘้‚Šๅฐ้คจ on Urbanspoon

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