Thursday, June 21, 2012

Urban Thai Bistro

An online deal for this place came up one night, the deal was for buy one get one free entree, I thought why not try it. Called up my Pad Thai-addict friend and on we went. The restaurant is quite nicely decorated and comfortable. It was a weekday night to pretty quiet.

Both of us got the Pad Thai and also some Thai Curry skewers to share. The waitress was friendly, however, she seemed impatient when taking the orders...
It was beef, lamb, chicken, pork. These skewers were fail... They were probably the worst skewers I've had in this type of cuisine. It was very dry and hard, and it was like that for all the meats... Bad choice.
It's a good thing they redeemed themselves with the Pad Thai, I thought it was above average, I really liked the way they prepared the taste. It had a little ketchupy taste but not too much. The noodles also didn't stick together in one big chunk. The various ingredients provide a nice texture when eating.

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