Friday, July 20, 2012

Aki Japanese Restaurant

Wanted to try them again after they moved to their new West Pender location, decided to go for lunch by myself. Upon entering the restaurant, I was surprised at how different it looked compared to the old location which was underground. The old location looked very traditional Japanese, while this new location looked like a modern fusion of east and west with tall ceilings and red seating. I like the new restaurant setting better.

I decided to get the Sushi Special for lunch.
It was good, but not really good. I liked the California Roll as it tasted like there was some salad dressing on it which was unique. The one thing I didn't like was the rice in the sushi, it felt like they were "separated", I like it when the rice is more "sticky". The tuna sashimi was good, but I've had better in my opinion salmon sashimi at other places. It just didn't taste very fresh.

Even so, overall I enjoyed the food. I would come here again but it is a bit pricy, so once in a while.

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