Friday, July 20, 2012

Cafe Moa

Came here on a hot, summer day to escape the heat. On a tour around UBC, we stumbled upon this little cafe run by UBC Food Services inside the Museum of Anthropology. I've never gotten food from here before, but this time, I was so hungry that I couldn't resist. My expectations were: high prices, average food.
They have this lunch combo which has a Salmon Chowder and a _____ (name of this slipped my mind at the moment). The Salmon Chowder was delicious! I enjoyed it so much that it convinced my two other friends to get one for themselves as well. It was thick and filled with veggies, potatoes and salmon.

The staff there heat this up for you when you order it. I thought it would be bad because it is already pre-made. But after heating it up, it tasted really fresh. The bread was crispy and that made eating this "sandwich" easy. The red peppers and the lettuce (I think?) complemented the meat well.

This UBC Food Service Cafe is better than the other ones.

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