Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guu Garden

Decided to go out for a lunch break from work today, I was sort of craving a Japanese Bento Box, but after searching on Urbanspoon, I did not find anything I wanted, I decided to fall back to Guu Garden, I have always wanted to try it for lunch!
I actually took the elevator up the 18th floor of the adjacent building because I thought Guu was up there! It wasn't, but the elevator ride was thrilling and I have never been on such a fast elevator where I actually felt weightlessness!
Now, at the restaurant, the weather was so nice that I decided to sit on the patio. Service was quick and friendly. I got the Chopped Tuna "Yukke" on rice with half-boiled egg and ground sticky potato.
It comes with a miso soup with a bean curd inside, a few slices of egg plant, little grapes, and some garlic to mash. I really enjoyed the chopped tuna with half boiled egg and ground sticky potato even though I couldn't really taste the egg and potato, it definitely lead to an interesting taste of tuna that was very unique and something I've never had before. It was warm and the mixture was a mushy sort of thing, I liked it.

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