Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Joey Burrard

After seeing the Amazing Spider Man at Scotiabank Theatre next door, our group had a wonderful suggestion to go to Joey Burrard for a quick dinner! It was my first time to this Joey, previously only been to the one on Broadway. I noticed most people were sitting outside as the weather was so perfect, I thought the restaurant was nicely decorated both inside and outside.

We started off with some appetizers. Calimari Fritto and Blazing Wings.
The Calimari was really good! I loved how I didn't have to tear the squid apart and it just breaks easily after biting it. It was also pretty crispy.

The Blazing Wings were a little disappointing. They weren't really that spicy, and they were way too salty. If it was less salty, I would have liked them more. I've had better wings elsewhere.

For the Entree, I got the Lobster Ravioli. 
 I enjoyed this one, I liked the "mashed" lobster inside the ravioli, it sort of tasted like potato! The taste was just right, not too salty. I wish it was a little bit more "lobsterey" though, ie. lobster meat on the side, now THAT would be awesome. XD

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