Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guu Kobachi

Weekend night, no reservations, all other Guu's full! We decided to try Guu Kobachi on Denman. I have only been to the Guu on Robson and the Guu in Gastown, this is my first time trying Guu Kobachi! We got the last table before the little Guu started filling up as well. I had this meal a few days ago so already forgot about some of the items so please excuse if the description is not very detailed :D

The first item was the Raw Sea Urchin. This is actually my first time having raw sea urchin, my friend was so surprised! I'm glad that I was with her otherwise I probably wouldn't try something like this LOL. I was hesitant at first, but it was absolutely delicious! I recognized the taste immediately placing it into my mouth, it tasted like the fat orange stuff inside a shrimp/prawn's head. Yummy!

Next was this shrimp salad thing. Sorry I forgot the name. I thought this was so-so. The fried shrimps were good, but nothing special. I don't really like salad stuff... lol
This was some sort of baked thing. It was actually really good. Recommended. Sort of reminded of those baked dishes at Hong Kong-style cafes.
Totally blanked out on what this is or what it tasted like... I remember it was good.
This one was interesting, it was cool to mix everything together into a bowl and add the sauce. Everythign is served cold and it is quite unique thing I tried.
This was the Chicken Karrage. I didn't like it because the inside was only warm. I like chicken karrage that is more crispy!
Also my favourite! Sweet Potato Croquette I think? Inside was hot and very delicious. The potatoes were so soft.

Cool atmosphere, prices are pretty decent as well for dinner. Will try more things next time and will make sure to do a review sooner so I don't forget!!

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