Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cafe Mumbai

I'll be honest, this is probably my first time having authentic Indian food. I was peer-pressured by my friends to try it, and they actually took me here, so let's see how it goes.
I was not really expecting this ambiance when my friends said we were going to an Indian restaurant, but this was much better than I expected. The restaurant seems pretty clean and the washrooms were clean too (always a good sign). I really liked how they had many decorations from India on the walls, really made it feel a little like I'm eating in Mumbai.

I had a hard time picking what I should eat because essentially, the whole menu was foreign to me. I can not eat spicy, so I just randomly picked something off the menu. It was good that you can choose whether you wanted Mild, Medium, or Hot Spicy. Of course I picked Mild..

I had the Mango Chicken Curry with Rice and Naan $15.95 which was chicken cooked with mangoes and spicy curry. Curry was not too spicy for me. Rice (I guess it was Indian rice) was really unique because I've never had this type of rice, they were each separate and did not stick together. Naan was not too soft or hard, perfect hardness for chewing. The taste of the curry was just right, it was really good eating the curry with the rice, the tastes complemented very well. However, the chicken itself was a little too rough for me, I would have preferred younger/smoother chicken.  

I also got the Vegetable Samosa which was a pasty shell stuffed with potato and peas. It was served hot, very crispy skin, and potato and peas inside were soft and weren't too salty, just the right taste.

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