Friday, May 18, 2012

Pig on the Street

Had some errands to run in Downtown before going to Stanley Park to learn how to bike! I thought that I would need as much energy as I could muster. Was at first going to try the new Meat and Bread over on Pender, but after seeing the long lineup earlier, I saw a bunch of food trucks along Howe Street right beside Robson Square. I was sooo hungry so just decided to try Pig on the Street.
Only after, did I realize that Pig on the Street was one of the newest street food vendors in Vancouver. The weather was gorgeous and there was tons of "seating".
There were also huge lines for the vendors. Once I placed I order, I probably waited around 20 minutes, if this was quicker, I would give this even better score... After you place the order, you are given a small piglet with a funny name on it. When the name is called, you go pick up your food!
I decided to try The Porker (double smoked bacon, sausage stuffing w apple & sage, goat gouda, caramelised onion mayo, greens). The food truck specializes in bacon. And when I took my first bite.
MY TASTEBUDS WERE IN HEAVEN! The bacon was so crispy! yet not too burnt. As you see in the picture above, the goat gouda starts off as little bits.
After a while of eating, it melts completely into the flatbread sandwich, yummy! The sausage stuffing complemented the bacon perfectly by not stealing much of the bacon's taste. I liked the green (sorry don't know the name of the vegetable ^^") because it added a unique taste to the sandwich.

Highly recommended, must try this for lunch at least once. (Go on a sunny day to enjoy the beautiful "outdoor patio")

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  1. uh, the "green" is arugula. $9 for a veggie wrap with bacon seems outrageous to me. unfortunately, food bloggers seem to be real homers for this place.