Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noa Pan Asian Bistro

Wanted to try Noa after seeing their eye-catching purple banner outside their store. I usually like this type of Asian food.

I had a look at the lunch menu online and already decided on what to get for myself :) Upon entering the restaurant, I was impressed with the interior. It was a nicely decorated setting.

The fish and shrimp cakes along with some other snacks could be added for a few dollars with a lunch item. I found both the deep-fried cakes to be excellent. The whole cake itself is almost all the meat itself. They also came hot!
If I remember correctly, the second item was the Singapore Laksa with Grilled Chicken, I only had a piece of the pork chops, and it was very good; the taste of the chicken was excellent, it definitely felt that a lot of "firepower" was used to cook it.
Next, was the Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice. I actually wanted to get the Pad Thai (maybe next time) but we ordered the wrong item... The fried rice was excellent as well, the seafood ingredients were fresh, and I liked that there wasn't any rice sticking together or anything... It could have been fried more, but I felt it was good enough.

Beef fillet with egg on rice $10.50 Lastly, we got the Beef fillet with egg on rice, the presentation was really nice. What was special about this one was that the beef was really good; it's easily the best tasting beef I've had in a while. I think it was the combination of the sauces and oils used to prepare it. Cutting the egg yolk into the rice was also a satisfying feeling.

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