Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grand Palace

This Chinese restaurant is located in the old location of the famous Kirin Seafood Restaurant Coquitlam, the previous restaurant has been in the location for many many years, so I was very surprised to see it go (and a little sad as it was one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Vancouver).
Not much has changed in the interior of the restaurant, I only noticed some of the lights have been replaced with new, dimmer chandeliers. The bowls/cups/plates were all clean, good sign.
This is the Dried Pork and Chinese Donut Rice Rolls $4.95, the rice rolls were fresh and crispy, I liked this one.
Next was the Pan Fried Turnip Cake w/XO Sauce $6.50. This dish has exploded in popularity at dim sum restaurants over the years, the square shaped ones are rare these days... Some of the pieces were a little too burnt, not very healthy. But the taste is good.
This one is the Home Style Fried Egg Plant Stuffed w/Prawns $4.95. This is one of my favourite dim sum dishes. They were pretty huge and came sizzling hot. The prawns had that bouncy feeling when you bite into it. Good.
This is the standard at every dim sum meal, the Steamed Pork Shui Mai w/Fish Roe $4.95. The shiu mai was almost the size of a fist. There is a combination of fat and not so fat meat. Some people prefer the smaller, less-fat shui mais, it's personal preference.
The Deep Fried Tofu w/Crispy Garlic $6.50 was a popular item at Kirin, they have brought it back at Grand Palace. The appearance and taste is a little different though. The frying batter is very thick, but fortunately they managed to maintain the crispyness. I would have preferred a thinner fried layer.
I love fried rice. This was the Mixed Seafood Fried Rice $8.95. The portions were quite generous for the price, and the three seafood (shrimp, fish roe, scallop) were pretty decent. Not too oily as well.
The last one is the Braised Beef Brisket & Tendon w/Rice Rolls $7.95. I love getting this dish at restaurants because it has all of my favourite items. The beef brisket was soft and had just the right amount of fat. The rice rolls contained all the flavors of the beef. I liked this one.

Compared to Kirin, the food items aren't as "detailed/precise", but the food quality is still pretty decent. I will try their dinner next time I'm in Coquitlam. I found the price alright.

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