Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seasons in the Park

Came here as part of a school dinner trip, the price was $30 tax and tips included for a set meal.
Almost everyone chose the sirloin steak as the main course haha, everyone likes steak because we probably don't have it very often. It was mildly disappointing that we did not have the famous Seasons view of the city because we were placed in a back room with no view at all... I tend to think that the view is part of the Seasons experience, so it was a little disappointing to have no view...
I don't really like salad and cheese in general so I don't have much comment for the this except that it tasted fresh.
This is what everyone was waiting for :). The steak was prepared medium for everyone. I really liked the potatoes; I basically like any type of mashed potatoes... yum... At first, I ate each piece as I cut it. This tasted good, but not as good as when I just decided to cut all of them into little pieces, then proceed to mix them thoroughly into the demi-glace sauce... it was... so good.
My favourite part about this pie was the crispy layer on the top of the cake, that was pretty cool, it was a slightly burnt crispy layer.

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