Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thai Terrace

The interior of the restaurant is small, but very comfortable atmosphere with spacious tables. I can see they are mostly a take-out place. My friend was craving Thai food so I went along because a few days ago, I was also craving some Pad Thai! I didn't even have to think this time and got the Pad Thai Lunch Special $8 (Prawns wok fried rice noodles with Egg, tofu, bean sprouts and green onions topped with Carrot and crushed peanuts). You could choose between getting spring roll or soup. I got the spring roll.
The spring roll was a vegetable spring roll, hot inside, and super crispy, I liked this one; there was sweet and sour sauce you could dip in, it tasted like the ones you get with Chicken McNuggets :). I was disappointed with the Pad Thai because it was a bit too sour for me. I would prefer just slightly more salty. I also thought they could have had more prawns, I think there was only 3! Would have loved if there were more crushed peanuts on top because those add so much more to eat when eating the Pad Thai.
Also shared a Thai Chicken Satay $8 with my friend. I liked this one better than the Pad Thai. The chicken was hot and smooth, dipping it into the peanut butter-tasting sauce was wonderful; I loved the sauce. A little pricy in my opinion though.
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