Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top Chiu Chow Cuisine 潮州世家海鮮菜館

Chiu Chow-style ( contains some of my favourite dishes. After seeing this new restaurant open a few months ago, I have always wanted to come and try it.
The dishes we ordered were all my favourites that I always try whenever I try this type of cuisine. I noticed that the tables around us were all mostly ordering the same items lol... The first item is the Pig Stomach Soup. This soup is always one of my favourites because it is very warming on a cold and rainy Vancouver day. There are peppers used to make the soup so it tastes "hot" and warms your throat. The stomach was chewy and soft. Good.
The second dish is the Oyster Omelet. This is one of my favourite dishes out of all food, so I have to get this dish if it's offered at the restaurant! The dish consists of an omelette with a filling primarily composed of small oysters. There is another style of this offered in Taiwanese restaurants, however, I much prefer this style. I liked this dish.
Next up is the Braised Goose, this dish was a miss. I found the meat to be too tough. At other restaurants, the goose meat is usually easier to chew and more similar to duck texture. I like that better.
Lastly, we got the Chicken with pepper & crispy basil, I love these crispy basil leaves because as their name implies, they are so crispy! The chicken was chicken breasts and I liked the taste (sauces) of it.

The most disappointing aspects of the meal were the rushed feeling and the price. The restaurant itself is very small and we were given the bill before even asking for it (while still eating the dessert), the food came really fast and the whole meal just went by lightning quick. I thought the price was too expensive for the rushed atmosphere of the restaurant. The food and service (multiple dirty plates/bowls/cups) did not really distinguish itself to me as being worth that price.

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